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What to Expect from Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction Lincoln Park, Lakeview & ChicagoIn many cases, a tooth extraction is a routine procedure for a Chicago dentist. The simplicity or complexity of the procedure is based on the location of the tooth that needs to be extracted. Teeth in the front of the mouth are easier to access and remove than a back molar and impacted teeth are more difficult to remove, requiring a more complex procedure.

Tooth extractions are still routine in most dental clinics. The tooth is not fixed to the bone nearby—it’s only connected to bone structures in the mouth by fibers or periodontal ligament, making the procedure simpler than others. To extract the tooth, a dental professional manipulates the tooth to detach and free the fibers.

Reasons for Teeth Extractions

There can be many reasons for extracting teeth, so make sure you ask your dentist about your specific situation and they will walk through the pros and cons of the procedure. Some of the leading causes of tooth extractions include:

  • Cracked Tooth Removal Lincoln Park, Lakeview & ChicagoDisease : — A diseased or traumatized tooth can be saved by a dental crown or a root canal treatment. If these methods cannot protect the tooth’s appearance or performance, it is often removed and can be replaced with a dental implant.
  • Crowding : — Orthodontic treatments often require tooth removal of one or more teeth to correct crowding concerns. Extracted teeth allow for more room on your mouth to align the remaining teeth properly. In most cases, orthodontists remove the first premolars.
  • Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal Lincoln Park, Lakeview & ChicagoWisdom Teeth : — When wisdom teeth become impacted, they have to be removed. The removal process will prevent any damage to healthy teeth, gums, bone, nerves, tissues and blood vessels.
  • Baby Teeth : — Baby teeth can be removed by a dentist if they don’t come out in the proper sequence or if the permanent tooth is being hindered from erupting normally.

Dental Process of Tooth Extractions

Our Chicago dentist will perform an x-ray before recommending tooth removal. This allows us to properly examine where the roots are, as well as the condition of bone. We can also anticipate complications by looking at all the facts through an x-ray. We will then discuss your health history to determine if you are healthy enough for the procedure.

In most cases, local anesthesia is used to numb the tooth and area. Sometimes, our dentist will use other sedation methods to ensure you feel no pain or anxiety during the procedure. Special care is taken to ensure bone around the tooth isn’t damaged during the procedure. If needed, bone-grafting material is placed in the socket to help preserve bone volume—especially necessary if a dental implant is planned for later on.

What Should I Expect After Tooth Removal?

Right after teeth extractions, our dental professionals apply gauze to the socket. Gentle pressure is applied for about 20 minutes to control any bleeding. The area may require a few stitches and you may experience mild to moderate swelling or discomfort. Most symptoms can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications. Sometimes, we prescribe antibiotics to prevent an infection. Ice packs can help reduce swelling and make sure you eat softer foods for a couple of days until your mouth returns to normal.

Our dentists are proud to provide teeth removal and other related services to our patients throughout the Lakeview, Lincoln Park and Chicago areas.


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