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Root Canal Treatment in Chicago

Root Canal Treatment Lincoln Park, Lakeview & ChicagoThe term “root canal treatment” brings fear to many people and most of the time it’s because they are not fully informed on the procedure. Another name for this specialized procedure is endodontics, a necessary procedure to treat the pulp tissue inside a tooth. Although most people think of it as a painful procedure, it’s actually no worse than getting a filling. Root canal therapy is the best way to relieve specific types of deep-rooted tooth pain.

Why Is a Root Canal Necessary?

The procedure is necessary when the pulp inside a tooth becomes infected and inflamed. The intense tooth pain is caused by the blood vessels, nerve cells and connective tissue inside the pulp. For some, the pain goes away temporarily, but the infection will remain unless it’s taken care of at a dentist. The infection can become abscessed and lead to many other complications when left unattended.



Why Root Canal Procedure Is Your Friend

When you talk to your Lincoln Park dentist about tooth pain, relief is probably all that’s on your mind. Besides pain relief, a root canal treatment can also save the tooth instead of having to pull it out and dealing with those effects. For example, once a tooth is gone, other teeth can shift and cause chewing difficulties, leading to more dental work, such as implants or bridgework.

Root Canal Causes

Causes of Root Canal Problems

The need to have root canal treatment at your Lakeview dentist office usually stems from inflammation and infection in the pulp of the tooth. The culprit is usually untreated cavities that allow bacteria access to the middle of a tooth, which can cause infection in the pulp. A chipped or cracked tooth can also be responsible for bacteria coming in contact with pulp. Any time the protective enamel coating is compromised, bacteria can enter the pulp and lead to an infection. The key is to seek immediate treatment so the tooth can be saved, and future problems can be averted.

Root Canal Therapy and What to Expect

If your dentist recommends root canal therapy, remember that it’s a standard procedure and can be done in just a single visit. The root canal procedure starts out similar to a filling. A local anesthetic is used to numb the tooth and immediate area. Then, the root canal and pulp chamber are accessed by a small opening on the tooth’s surface. The infected or dying pulp is removed so the canal can be cleaned and disinfected. Once it is clean, a special filling is used to fill the canal, and then it’s sealed to prevent future infection. To protect the tooth, a crown will be placed, which is done at the same time. Root canal procedure time varies for each patient.

Root Canal Therapy Lincoln Park, Lakeview & Chicago

What Type of Root Canal Symptoms Can I Expect?

The dentist may offer some specific root canal recovery tips. After the treatment, your tooth might be a little tender or sensitive for a few days and you should avoid hard foods like nuts or chewing on ice. If needed, the dentist can write a prescription for medications, but for most people, over-the-counter pain medicines work effectively.

Our qualified professionals can provide root canal therapy to patients throughout Lakeview, Lincoln Park and Chicago, IL.


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