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Do you have one side of your mouth you avoid chewing on? A sensitive tooth? Maybe even a sensitive group of teeth? If food or drinks that are cold, hot, sweet, or simply applying pressure on a certain area of your teeth is causing you trouble, you might have a cavity.

Cavities are probably one of the most common oral afflictions in the United States, and they are not fun. They are holes in the teeth which have been caused by decay, and the loss of enamel leaves them vulnerable to pain. If decay has traveled too deep, the nerve might even be exposed, in which case a root canal is mandatory. However, prompt attention to cavities will eliminate the need for this treatment.


A proper filling will seal a cavity completely, and is a relatively simple procedure. First, an X-ray determines just how much decay is within the affected tooth. As long as it has not gone to the root, then the decay is removed and the area is cleaned out thoroughly after anesthesia is injected. The tooth is then filled with a durable material that won’t rot away, such as plastic, composite resin, or even gold. The filling will help protect your tooth from further destruction.

Once you leave the dentist and the anesthesia begins to wear off, you may feel some tenderness and sensitivity on and around your tooth, which will subside within a couple weeks.

Different Types of Fillings

Fillings range in material from gold to plastic, and there is a varied list in between. Gold fillings are incredibly durable and tough, and will last the longest compared to other filling materials. They are also very noticeable, which can either be an advantage or disadvantage for the patient. This type of material is typically more expensive, as a mold of your tooth needs to be sent to a lab so they can make a custom inlay or onlay before your dentist fills the cavity.

Composite fillings, on the other hand, are also dependable and unnoticeable, and there is no need to send the material to a lab in order for it to be fitted to your tooth. Composite fillings mold directly to the cavity hole.

Porcelain fillings, while also expensive, can be made to actually match your tooth color. They are long lasting and durable, but it will take two visits at least to receive this kind of filling as lab work is required to create it, just like a gold filling.

Listed above are just three kinds of fillings you may choose from when you go to the dentist. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and you may discuss with your doctor which one is best for you. Cost, durability, and appearance are all factors to consider.

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