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Removable Dentures

For people who have lost a considerable amount of teeth, treatments such as bridgework or implants may not be the right option. Removable dentures have been proven to be an effective treatment for tooth loss, available in both partial and full options. Not only do dentures restore your smile and fill out facial structure, but they also help prevent nutritional disorders and other health problems.

About Dentures

A benefit of dentures is that, in most cases, it does not matter what caused your tooth loss. The traditional form of either partial or full dentures consists of a plastic resin base with prosthetic teeth. This base is gum-colored and is placed over the original bone ridge where your teeth used to be. Due to the stability offered up by the roof of your mouth, you will not have to worry about your dentures popping out at inconvenient times. The prosthetic teeth attached to the base are designed to act just like teeth; you will be able to eat the same things and not have to concern yourself with a liquid diet.

Getting dentures will take multiple dentist visits, but the results will be worth it. The dentist will first take an accurate mold of your mouth so that your dentures fit your mouth perfectly. Both a dentist and a technician will work together to create your dream set of dentures. Some of the different types of dentures that exist are immediate, conventional, transitional, and removable. When you speak with your dentist you can work with them to figure out what option is best.

Care for Dentures

Clearly, when you have dentures, particularly removable dentures, you will have some extra oral care. Brushing, preferably with a soft-bristle toothbrush, and flossing daily is still a must-even if your teeth are prosthetic! Keeping your gums healthy needs to become more of a priority, and when you take your dentures out, we will expect you to brush your gums too. In addition, when you are not wearing your dentures, they need to be kept in a safe place. Cover them in water to prevent warping.

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Tooth loss is something that can be remedied. However, it is important to speak with a dentist about all of your options, as there are many. From implant-supported overdentures to partial dentures and more, talking about the pros and cons of each will be beneficial. Here at Dental Professionals, we offer free consultations, of which will be of great help to you in your quest for dentures. Call us at (773) 327-4442 today!


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