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Whether you’re new to the area and need a dentist or you simply want to find a new dental clinic, the number of choices can be overwhelming. When you’re looking for cosmetic, restorative & general dentistry, Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park is ready to serve. We offer a vast array of dental services designed to help you fix and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come. We provide care for patients of all ages, ensuring optimal dental health throughout a person’s life.

Create a Beautiful Smile

Not everyone is born with a beautiful smile and need some help to transform their smile. Our dental professionals provide all the services required to cosmetically change your teeth so you can smile with pride. This includes Invisalign/orthodontic treatment, veneers, dental implants and teeth whitening/bleaching. You will meet with one of our Lincoln Park dentists and go over your expectations. Once we know what you want and have completed a thorough examination, we will propose the best treatment plans to achieve your goals.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Include?

There is more to visiting a cosmetic dentist than most people realize. Often, patients are unsure of the treatment that will best suit their individual needs. Our cosmetic dentistry team will discuss all options with you, whether you need veneers, crowns or dental implants, or another service. We will walk you through the steps and discuss all aspects of what to expect to help you get the dazzling smile you’ll be proud of. Each day, we strive to assist our patients in the Lincoln Park area achieve their perfect smile.

General Dentistry

Our dental practice doesn’t focus solely on cosmetic dentistry procedures. We understand the importance of proper oral hygiene and the need to keep your teeth and gums healthy, so we offer all the latest advances in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. Whether you visit our dental clinic for a basic cleaning and exam or come in for fillings, implants or dentures, we will provide you with the best service in the area. Our dentists and their staff will help you learn the proper methods for maintaining your overall dental health in between visits and will assist you in discovering which treatments and options are available for your specific needs.

Restorative Dental Care

Even with perfect dental care, you may still encounter problems throughout life. For instance, we perform tooth extractions for those bothersome teeth or those that may have been decayed beyond repair. Perhaps you need root canal treatment. We also offer dental implants to restore your mouth to its previous look. If you are involved in an accident or have other issues that require, we can perform a full mouth reconstruction so you can smile with pride.
Our team is fully trained in the best treatments with restorative care and understand your desire to keep your teeth looking their best, no matter where you are in life.
If you are in search of a dental clinic that provides the best treatments, whether you need general, cosmetic or restorative dentistry, turn to us for a professional experience at a dentist office. Our staff is dedicated to providing you and your family with a friendly and understanding environment each time you walk through our doors, no matter your situation or the extent of dental issues you suffer from. We will make you feel welcome while providing you with the best care in the Lincoln Park area.
We specialize in sedation dentistry in Lincoln Park so we can help you look and feel your best in a comfortable environment.


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